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Applications will be received electronically. Applications received in personal or by post will not be considered.


Application Date 04-17 July 2022
Evaluation (Interview dates) 25 July-4 August 2022
Announcement of Results for the Main List of Successful Candidates  5 August 2022
Registration Dates 22-26 August 2022
Announcement of the First-Group Auxiliary Candidates’ Results 27 August 2022
Registration Dates for the First-Group Auxiliary Candidates* 2-5 September 2022
Announcement of the Second-Group Auxiliary Candidates’ Results 6 September 2022
Registration Dates for the Second-Group Auxiliary Candidates 9-12 September 2022
Announcement of the Third-Group Auxiliary Candidates’ Results 13 September 2022
Registration Dates for the Third-Group Auxiliary  Candidates 16-19 September 2022


Note: First-Group Auxiliary candidates will have right for the student registration if some of the successful candidates from Main List are not registered in time. Same procedure will apply for the second-group auxiliary candidates in case some of the first-group auxiliary candidates do not register.  The same procedure applies for the third auxiliary students as well.



a) Applications will be evaluated based on an interview process held by the relevant department/programme.  The selection of students will be finalized by the Faculty/School Board of Directors.

b) Candidate student can choose a maximum of three distinct programs in one application. Following the announcement of results, the student can do registration only in one program. If candidate has done more than one application submission, only the first submission will be assessed, and all other submissions will be ignored.

c) Applications of candidates who do not meet the application requirements will not be evaluated.


Invitation letters of international student candidates whose applications are accepted will be given via the online application system or on the website of our University.



Accepted candidates should provide the following documents to İzmir Bakircay University Student Registration (Student Affairs) Office in person.

a) Bank receipt showing that the tuition fee has been paid.

b) The original of the high school diploma or the temporary graduation certificate for newly graduated students whose diploma has not yet been prepared on the registration date. Turkish translation, approved by the notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives, should be provided for the related diploma and certificate.

c) The original "Equivalence Certificate" to be obtained from the T.R. Ministry of National Education or Turkish Foreign Representatives showing that the high school diploma is equivalent to the diplomas obtained from Turkish high schools.

d) An official transcript approved by the high school directorate, and a copy of the Turkish translation approved by the notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives, showing the candidates' high school courses and grades.

e) Foreign Student Examination (YÖS) exam result document.

f) The original of the passport and the ID obtained from the official authorities.

g) "Education Visa" document to be obtained from Turkish Foreign Representatives.

h) Foreign Language Certificate and/or Turkish Proficiency Certificates with international validity (rather than YÖS exam results if any exists).

i) Residence Permit (must be submitted to the Student Affairs Department within one month from the registration date).

j) The original of the GCE AL exam result document of the TRNC national candidates who have completed their entire secondary education in TRNC high schools.

k) 4 recent photos.